ACT-tion! is a theatrical training model for addressing the often times complex issues of race, gender and cultural inequities on campus.  The ACT-tion! Program is a social justice theater ensemble made up of students which uses improvisational theater techniques to illustrate real situations that students encounter, but are often mishandled or avoided outright because of lack the cultural language to address them appropriately. The DOD Facilitator trains students to develop compelling and engaging scenarios. The cast builds scenes to a dramatic peak and then freeze the action.  They engage the audience in discussion and exploration of the content. Ultimately, audience members are invited to take the roles of key members of the scenes and try to resolve the conflict.

The cast acts as peer facilitators on stage (aided by DOD) to help move and focus discussion in a healthy and productive direction. The range of issues that students can cover is a broad as the campus itself.  The student decide which issues will take center stage, then work to bring them to life for their peers. The ACT-tion! Program is a training model that in not just open to students who desire to perform.  It is a leadership program that educates potential leaders in healthy group facilitation techniques, positive and reflective listening techniques, team building, and collective problem solving skills.

The Improvisational Model is not a new one.  For almost 100 years some form of this discipline has been used to help individuals gain insight into the complex social matrix that makes up our interactive living.

Known by many names such as Psychodrama, Playback Theater, and Forum Theater, this model has been used by millions across the globe.  This training program will give participants an overview of the forms past while also showing its most progressive incarnation and applications. Students will be given workbooks and reference materials, which will give them all they need to have their ensemble continue to grow and be a resource to many clubs and organizations across campus who wish to engage their students in a fun and substantive way.

Represents a unique approach in addressing social issues with knowledge, receptivity, a sense of humor, and dialogue.