Dialogues on Diversity (DOD)

“The Dialogues on Diversity workshop provided a fun and safe way to engage and facilitate discussions on diversity, discrimination, and identity. The games allowed us to start the conversation in a way that was both non-threatening and thought-provoking.”

–Jasmyne Rogers
Residence Hall Director, Gresham Complex & Foundation House
Office of Housing and Residence Life, Old Dominion University

What is “Dialogues on Diversity?” (DOD)

Dialogues on Diversity is a diversity training company that is focused on empowering students and staff to maximize their human resource potential by developing a greater understanding of the wealth of opportunity to be found in difference.

Academic institutions are singularly well positioned to help individuals embark upon this process. Though many institutions aspire to make “diversity” a more present component of their living mission in a multitude of ways, it often difficult to incorporate into the visible character. Moreover, it is rarely seen or spoken of as a vital part of educating the whole person. It often happens in pockets and programs around the university that, in most cases, students and staff can opt out of. Many students do not see themselves as part of the tapestry that represents diversity. Dialogues on Diversity helps to shift their view. We accomplish this through fun and highly interactive evidence based workshops, lectures, and keynote addresses, which focus on intercultural and multicultural awareness, as well as what we call “micro-literacies.” “Micro-literacies” are the small points of social and cultural connective tissue that many of us share, but are not aware of.

Canton, Ohio Diversity Initiative

The United States has been called “a country of immigrants.” In 21st Century America, this idea has never been truer. Current cultural and social trends have us at the cusp of a seismic social shift. It is imperative that academic institutions anticipate and prepare their students for this changing face of America. Additionally, institutional structures themselves must shift to reflect these new social dynamics.

“After the DOD workshop I know my students left the space energized, motivated and better equipped to wrestle with the multifaceted issues of diversity inclusion on our campus”
Willie “CJ” Harmon, Program Advisor
South Dakota State University