DOD Praise/Letters of Recommendation

“College students are a difficult group to reach with sensitive topics and I believe they did a fantastic job in conveying the importance of acceptance and inclusion.Their workshops encouraged students to have respect for others, be inclusive, and use their leadership positions on campus to foster these traits in others.”
Lilah Marie Flores
Resident Director of Lesher Hall and Inbound/First Year Programs Coordinator
Juniata College

“You made a huge impact on our campus when you were here. Thanks again for all that you do.”
Adam Long, Director of Student Life
Iowa Western Community College
2014 APCA National Advisor of the Year

“I was constantly impressed by your dedication and authenticity. We sincerely appreciate your tireless work in giving classroom, presentations, and workshops.”
Dr. Allen Eason Ph.D, Kansas State University

“The presenters tackled serious issues in a non-threatening, thought provoking manner that entertained and educated audience members at the same time.”

Brooke Wegner, Alverno College

“It is apparent that Mr. Jones is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter and seeks to challenge the audience to expand his/her mentality to include a broader perspective that acknowledges differences, seeks to understand why we are who we are, and how to create welcoming spaces for everyone despite race, ethnicity, and gender.”
Chad Kee, The Catholic University of America

“They met with much of our faculty to address our concerns. They had a very productive conversation with our teachers and put many of their concerns to rest. They supported them by providing them a guideline for engaging students before and after the assembly.”

Beth Singer, Principal Northampton High School