For the Classroom

“Everybody’s dirty. If you are going be honest about who your people are in America you’ve got to look at all of your history; the good, the bad, and the ugly.”
– The Black-Jew Dialogues

We believe that that the commonality that we share as a nation is far more significant than the things that may divide us. With this in mind we have developed a Lesson Plan/Conversation Guide and curriculum, which uses the African-American and Jewish Diaspora as a template for every nationality’s migration to the Americas. Through this initial process the students then embark on a self-guided journey to gain a greater understanding about their own cultural identity.

What were the common threads? Why did your ancestors come here? Were they forced to leave where they were or were they looking for new opportunities? By asking these basic questions your students will get the chance to discover that their American story may not be so different than someone who looks nothing like them. We also give the students the chance to come to terms with some of the less attractive elements of their ancestor’s story. Who did they oppress here in America and how?

The Lesson Plan/Conversation Guide is an amalgam of historical, immigration, and sociological information, which is designed to move the learner through the process of an ethnic group’s American migration experience, increasing ones multicultural and intercultural development. Additionally, students will have a chance to look at systems of bias and prejudice and be given a chance to play out intervention skills in a safe environment.

The Lesson Plan/Conversation Guide is full of student-guided projects, interactive games and co-operative learning exercises which are designed to be fun as well as safe and enlightening. It can be used as a semester long class or broken down in any number of ways to support a larger pre-existing body of work.

We hope you are interested in taking advantage of this wonderful resource. For more information about our Lesson Plan/Conversation Guide please email Ron at or call him at 617-828-7491.

“As an administrator it is always difficult to find programming with true topical appeal which does not condescend to students. “The Black-Jew Dialogues” is highly engaging and relevant”
Dr. Beth Singer
Principal, Northampton High School