Keeping It Real Ultimate Connection Workshop

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The Keep It Real Diversity & Inclusion Solution
Ultimate Connection Workshop

The Keep It Real workshops provide a forum of caring, bonding and mutual respect. A unique and groundbreaking aspect of this workshop is that it is designed as a fun training opportunity with the goal of ensuring that workshop participants will be confident to facilitate their own Keep It Real game workshops after the workshop ends, either on campus or in the community.

Workshop Overview

This is an interactive, customized, high-impact training opportunity for administrators, faculty, student leaders, diversity officers, orientation leaders, student affairs, Greek Life, RAs, new students, etc. to be provided with proven, exciting and highly effective tools to build the foundation of your diversity programming and to improve team cohesion in any group. The exercises used in the workshop are designed specifically to your needs, in order to achieve your desired goals and outcomes! The Keep It Real workshops and board games are making a real difference on hundreds of college campuses across the United States.

“Leslie has created a “one of a kind” Diversity experience whih provides the opportunity for the workshop to be recreated by those who have participated in th workshop. After lots of laughter, bonding, discussion, introspection and sharing, we are all better for having participated in the Keep It Real Diverse workshop and would highly recommend this fun and profound learning experience!”
–Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, University of Oklahoma Outreach

The Keep It Real game workshop is an interactive experience & celebration of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism. It is not a lecture!

“The Keep It Real Diverse workshop was the core of our Diversity workshop for students. It proved to be more engaging and impactful than any keynote speaker we have ever had in the past. Keep It Real empowered students to speak their truth while remaining open to the experience and the dialogue.”
–Patrick Lynn, Asst. Director of Residence Life, City College, N.Y.

Leslie R. Robinson
Inventor of the Keep It Real game, Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront Veteran Reintegration games, and Recharge Beyond the Bars prison reentry and long sentence communication games / Workshop Leader / Psychotherapist / Keynote Speaker / Trainer / President Trance4mation Nation / CEO Trance4mation Games, President Beyond the Bars LLC. A former Adjunct Professor in Literature and Writing at the College of New Rochelle, Leslie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.