Orientation (Get Out of Your Bubble)

Diversity Orientation Program
“It was pleasure working with you. Excellent program! Looking forward to an opportunity when we can work together again.”
Deborah McHenry
Executive Director of Student Success and Retention, Trine University

We Start With A Question…”Why SHOULD you go to college?”

There is no one answer that applies to all, but one that comes close is, “to gain an understanding of a world greater than you.”

College is not a prerequisite to getting a good job or making friends or getting away from your family. These are some of the presumptions that often keep students from embracing the best qualities of the college experience.

We live in a country that is fast changing and diversifying in a way that previous generations never had to think about. Much of it is taking place on campuses all over the country. Additionally, current social and economic shifts have made our workforce more multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural that ever before.

“Ron was wonderful! We really enjoyed the presentation, the students were open to the discussion and dialogue. We need to bring you back in the near future.”
Leah Cox
University of Mary Washington

Get Out Of Your Bubble! is an orientation program that inspires students to see college for the great adventure that it can be.

The college experience should be the beginning of a journey the helps a student expand their vision of a world so much greater than themselves. The wealth of language, culture and life experiences found on most campuses can be breathtaking. Often, if students do not engage in clubs or organizations within the first few weeks, the majority tend to get stuck in groups that reflect the lives and experiences that they left at home.

“Your program was great!!!”
Carol Taylor
Social Justice Educator/ University of Kentucky

Through this comic presentation Get Out Of Your Bubble! shows students a slice of the changing world that they went to college to prepare themselves for and how taking advantage of all of the resources offered at their institution will make them more knowledgeable, diverse, and marketable in a far more competitive world.

Additionally, Get Out Of Your Bubble! works with orientation programs and campus clubs to provide students resources that they can put in their hands RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!

“On behalf of the Center for Student Involvement, Women’s Center and the Ramapo community – we really appreciate you coming and sharing your knowledge, expertise, wit and humor with us. The students really enjoyed your presentation and I was pleased with their level of engagement. This presentation planted the seed in getting them to appreciate difference and understand diversity at all levels.”
–Tanadjza Robinson-McCray, M.S.
Coordinator for Equity and Diversity Programs
Ramapo College of NJ