Our Experience

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
― John F. Kennedy

South Dakota State University Diversity Center Collaboration

Working in conjunction with the staff of Diversity Center, we designed workshops as part of their Student Leadership Summit on Diversity and Leadership. Over 300 attendees took part in discussion and activities.

“Our students were energized, motivated, and better equipped to wrestle with the multifaceted issues of diversity and inclusion on our campus.”
–Willie “C.J.” Harmon, Program Advisor for African American Programs


Provided executive coaching with a presentation and leadership training focus. Consulted and coached management team to help them deliver presentations at their annual investor’s conference with power, clarity, enthusiasm, and connect with humor and story telling.

“You certainly have a gift! We thank you for your hard work. I feel very confident we will be able to better contribute to the team’s efforts with investors. Again, thank you!”
– Ron Wagenseil, VP Global Apparel, Reebok

Boston College Development of ACT-tion Model

Created Live interactive theater model in conjunction with Office of AHANA (African, Hispanic, Asian and Native American) Student Programs and a graduate student in the Lynch School of Education to illustrate real issues of race, culture and social-conscience.

American Bar Association

Dialogues on Diversity crafted a humorous and poignant presentation, as well as an interactive workshop for over 600 conference attendees! The session included status work, storytelling, listening, and role-playing scenarios.

“You guys were terrific!”
– Ellen M. Miller, Director of Section of Dispute Resolution
American Bar Association (ABA)

Virginia Technical University Office of Undergraduate Admissions Gateway Program Collaboration

We worked directly with the Gateway Program staff to use The Black Jew Dialogues as part of their overnight stay program for prospective students from underserved communities.

Lewis University  Office of Human Resources Collaboration

Office of Human Resources used The Black Jew Dialogues to kick off year long initiative to promote diversity throughout campus.

Harvard University Office of the General Counsel

Dialogues on Diversity provided team building and corporate entertainment, featuring sketch and improv comedy, that successfully brought their office dynamic and university politics into the forefront.

City of Evansville/ University of Evansville “Celebration of Diversity” Annual Event

We worked with the Mayor of the City of Evansville, Indiana and the Office of Diversity Initiatives to creates a 5-day community-wide event.

“It is no overstatement to say that lives were truly changed from this experience. Overwhelmingly, participants not only enjoyed diversity training (imagine that), but they learned key insights, concepts, and strategies to enhance their cultural competency.”
–La Toya Smith – Coordinator of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives

Kansas State University/Tilford Group Event Series

We co-created and designed as series of events, which took place over the course of four days on the Kansas State University (Manhattan) campus.

“More than a 1,000 students were innovatively engaged in learning through the activities you conducted on our campus. You were superb models for helping our campus to initiate and extend interethnic dialogue.”
–E. Allen Eason, PhD
Department of American Ethnic Studies/ Assistant Professor

State Of Maine Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights Team Project Performance and Custom Dialogue

We worked directly with the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Education and Enforcement to use The Black Jew Dialogues performance as the platform to promote discussion with over 1,000 students at AG’s Annual Civil Rights Team Conference.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Dialogues on Diversity evaluated the organization’s role play model. Working in conjunction, developed new model, which involved conference participants on stage and promoting a heightened sense of self-reflection and dialogue.