Who We Are

DOD uses theatrical models to promote dialogue and understanding around diversity, cultural sensitivity, and social justice.

DOD offers a range of fun, interactive, and informative programs designed to educate and entertain. These programs are tailored for college, university, corporate and community audiences. They inspire open, honest and compassionate conversations about our differences.

Our programming is highly praised, award-winning, and has been profiled by major media outlets, including CNN, Washington Post and Rueters. Our approach encourages participants to move through experiential learning as well as dialogue.

We believe that diversity is a discipline just like many other complex forms of learning, yet we often assume that we automatically come to the table with all the tools and skills we need to engage difference.

If we are to move into the fast changing new century with any sense of direction, we must begin to embrace a new sense of cultural commonality and curiosity; from that we will build a new paradigm of cultural competence. Once we do this, differences become an opportunity, not an obstacle.

We are committed to creating opportunities.